Best Travel Cot for Camping

Cots in the back-country are the game changer in getting that good night sleep. If your backpacking or camping, I suggest you get a good cot. So, which is the best travel cot for camping?

Camping travel cotFor a big cot in a large tent (like the REI Kingdom 6) get the Coleman pack-away cot. It folds out, takes about 30 sec to set up, and folds to a nice compact size, relatively speaking. Another bonus factor is that it comes with a night stand that attaches to the side, and is perfect to put your glasses and phone on at night. It is definitely a game changer since one is able to sit upright and also to store gear under the cot – imagine!

Another great cot is the Therm-a-rest ultra lite mesh cot. It packs up really small, and weighs about 3.5 lbs. It does take some effort to put it together though, but in the end it is worth it, even though it is not that wider as expected. Then, there is the Helinox Cot One – my current favorite. It is so much easier to assemble than the Therm-a-rest, and pretty comfortable. It does not pack as small though, and weighs more as well. A very well made cot! The Cabela’s Outfitters XL aren’t lightweight, but they are good as they can fit in a 2-man tent, and can be used when you get company back at home. Lastly, if money isn’t an issue, Kingdom Cot from REI is quite comfortable.

Other great cots are: Byer of Maine Allagash cot, which is pretty easy to set up, though the cross bars that form the feet are poorly located; the Alps Mountaineering lightweight cot, which uses steel bars that you assemble and slide into the cot, similar to the Helinox; and the Go-kot which folds smaller and is better than the Byer.

So, what are you waiting for? Make the switch from an air mattress to cots for camping! Just spend the money you are wasting each season on a really good high quality sleeping arrangement. Nobody wants to go to sleep all comfy, then pick up himself/herself off the cold hard ground every morning at 3AM…Or do you want to have one of those bad experiences, rolling out or tipping over every time you sleep? No – then, get a study cot that holds up well and have a nice sleep. Easy-peasy!

Stay warmer off the ground with the best cot. A good sleep is very important!