Author: Nancy Lewis

Best Travel Cot for Camping

Cots in the back-country are the game changer in getting that good night sleep. If your backpacking or camping, I suggest you get a good cot. So, which is the best travel cot for camping?

Camping travel cotFor a big cot in a large tent (like the REI Kingdom 6) get the Coleman pack-away cot. It folds out, takes about 30 sec to set up, and folds to a nice compact size, relatively speaking. Another bonus factor is that it comes with a night stand that attaches to the side, and is perfect to put your glasses and phone on at night. It is definitely a game changer since one is able to sit upright and also to store gear under the cot – imagine!

Another great cot is the Therm-a-rest ultra lite mesh cot. It packs up really small, and weighs about 3.5 lbs. It does take some effort to put it together though, but in the end it is worth it, even though it is not that wider as expected. Then, there is the Helinox Cot One – my current favorite. It is so much easier to assemble than the Therm-a-rest, and pretty comfortable. It does not pack as small though, and weighs more as well. A very well made cot! The Cabela’s Outfitters XL aren’t lightweight, but they are good as they can fit in a 2-man tent, and can be used when you get company back at home. Lastly, if money isn’t an issue, Kingdom Cot from REI is quite comfortable.

Other great cots are: Byer of Maine Allagash cot, which is pretty easy to set up, though the cross bars that form the feet are poorly located; the Alps Mountaineering lightweight cot, which uses steel bars that you assemble and slide into the cot, similar to the Helinox; and the Go-kot which folds smaller and is better than the Byer.

So, what are you waiting for? Make the switch from an air mattress to cots for camping! Just spend the money you are wasting each season on a really good high quality sleeping arrangement. Nobody wants to go to sleep all comfy, then pick up himself/herself off the cold hard ground every morning at 3AM…Or do you want to have one of those bad experiences, rolling out or tipping over every time you sleep? No – then, get a study cot that holds up well and have a nice sleep. Easy-peasy!

Stay warmer off the ground with the best cot. A good sleep is very important!

Important things to look for when you choose a Bluetooth Smoker Thermometer

We’ve all been at a barbeque with friends and family.

The host is normally the person who brings everyone together, and yet they are never seen more than five feet from the smoker or grill. Even with careful tending from the host, meat often comes out charred, burnt and dry. Just as bad as meat that is overdone is meat that isn’t finished. A cook who serves pink chicken is a cook who won’t have many friends attending his parties.

Luckily, technology has come to the rescue. First, we saw digital thermometers that could give us an exact temperature and now, Bluetooth functionality has been introduced to the world of grilling.

So what is the mark of a good Bluetooth grill or smoker thermometer? Below is a great summary of smoker thermometers:

A good digital thermometer should be accurate within two degrees of the actual temperature. We saw a significant price drop after two degrees, but don’t be tempted by these lower price points.

What is the point of a thermometer if it’s not accurate?

Multiple Probes
When shopping around make sure the smoker thermometers you’re looking at have at least two probes, four is preferable. Place one thermometer in each piece of meat (or one in each different area of the unit) and one monitoring the temperature inside the smoker itself.

Thermostat Controller
This is more a consideration if you’ll be smoking meat overnight at lower temperatures. Thermostat Controllers use a fan to add oxygen to the fire so that your smoker will maintain the correct temperature for hours at a time.

Water and Splash Resistant
Smoking and grilling are fairly messy processes. As meat gets cooked it can “pop”, sending juice, meat, and sauces/seasoning flying. The last thing you need is for your thermometer stop working due to exposure to moisture, leaving you guessing at the doneness of your meat.

Bluetooth Range
Most of the best Bluetooth smoker thermometers on the market have a signal between 150 and 300 feet. Think about where you’ll be spending your time while your smoker is running so you can check and see what kind of range will be necessary.

There are plenty of other options you can look for while choosing the right model for you. These include the length of probe and cord, automatic shut-off, Android or iOS compatibility, presets, and alerts or alarms.

By spending money on a quality thermometer is possibly the best investment you can make after purchasing your grill or smoker itself. A good thermometer will help you cook perfectly done meat and remove worries about meat that is either cooked too long or not long enough!

Difference Between IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) And Laser Hair Removal

IPL and Laser both are methods used to remove unwanted hair, and both of these are used to remove hair permanently. Yet, there are some differences between them which can be summarized as follows: 

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) also called Photoderm, is a computer-based machine. Just like a camera’s flashbulb, Photoderm too uses bright light. It’s light works similar to a laser and for the purpose to remove unwanted hair. However, there are still many differences between laser and IPL due to which IPL is gaining popularity day by day. 
Composition of the Apparatus 
The biggest difference between the best IPL machines and lasers is in the physical composition of the apparatus.
For one, laser light is coherent whereas IPL is not. This means that in IPL the light waves can interfere with each other and either increase or decrease the power of the wave. The light laser strength is always the same. Laser light is also monochromatic and collimated whereas IPL is not, which means that the wavelengths are of the same frequency and travel in the same direction. Therefore, the physical composition of lasers means that it is not easy to treat a person with varying colors of hairs; whereas IPL can treat a broad range of hair color. 
Level of Effectiveness 
Due to their wavelengths, their effectiveness too differs. Laser hair removal is limited to hair removal only whereas IPL not only removes facial hair or unwanted hair from any part of your body, but it also treats pigmentation on face, chests and hands and sun burnt skin. IPL also diffuse redness found on the face or chest which is not possible with laser. Therefore, IPL has a wider range of uses for the cosmetic industry. 
Pain of the Treatment 
Another major difference between IPL and laser is the pain which you get. The pain varies from one person to person; however, laser light typically gives you a little more pain than the IPL. Lasers may give you strong pinching feeling. If your hair is dark, you will experience even more pain. With IPL you generally feel less pain, but you still get a very light pinching feeling. This difference in pain is usually put down to the continuous concentration of a wavelength hitting the same spot on the skin for a long period. 
Skin Type 
IPL is effective in treating a wider number of skin types I-V (1-5); whereas Laser hair removal is only suitable to treat skin types I -IV (1-4). IPL treatments are considered to be quicker than laser treatments because IPL ‘heads’ are up to eight times larger than lasers and thus cover more area at a time. IPL also causes less damage to the surrounding skin than lasers. 
It is worth speaking to people who have undergone these methods to understand the process, costs, results, and pain experienced. Only then should you undertake one of these methods.

Garden shredders: Out top 4 picks

If you have an overgrown garden, for sure you will want to use an electric garden shredder. Before you purchase a shredder it is recommended that you consider all features and specifications.

Here is a list of our Top 4 Electric Garden Shredder Reviews.

1. Bosch AXT Rapid 2200 Blade Shredder
Bosch AXT Rapid 2200The Bosch AXT 2200 Rapid shredder powered by a high speed 3650 rpm Bosch Powerdrive 220 W motor which facilitates superfast and powerful shredding experience. It is perfect for soft materials and medium sized grass. It is made in hard stainless steel shows high durability. It provides fantastic shredding performance of green grass and wooden garden debris. It is comparatively faster and lighter than other electric garden shredders that are available in the market. It is ideal for soft and green garden elements like foliage plants, shrubs and small branches.

2. Marko Gardening 2500W
The 2500 W Marko Gardening Shredder comes with large wheels that support easy movement. It has a strong and durable plunger. It could also be used to create mulch and compost. It also features of a 50 L debris bag. It chips into smaller size than other electric garden shredders. It is ideal for anyone who wishes to shred.

3. Einhell GH-KS 2440
Einhell GH-KS 2440The 2400 Einhell GH-KS is a highly durable and rapid shredder. It comes with a powerful 2000 W motor and 2 double sided blades made in solid steel. It allows you to cut branches that are thick up to 40mm. It also features of a motor safety switch and a 3 metre long cable. It is in fact a quality ensured machine. This is an essential tool for efficiently cleaning and clearing the garden.

4. RAC RAC-HP266
The RAC-HP266 features of a powerful 2400 W motor. It lets you cut branches up to 40mm in diameter. It also includes a highly durable 50 L collection bag. It provides the user the chance to dispose unwanted shrubs and branches and helps to keep the garden neat and clean. It is indeed a product worth the price you pay.

Purchasing the right electric garden shredder can be a difficult task for most gardeners. It is important to keep your garden neat and clean. It is necessary that you think about all features and specifications before making the purchase in order to know what works for you.